Cubs just cant catch a break

The Chicago Cubs just cant seem to catch a break, can they? Today the Cubs activated staff ace Carlos Zambrano from the disabled list, and unfortunately made a corresponding move by placing Rich Harden on with a back strain. I guess everyone should have seen this coming, as a season without Harden getting injured and placed on the disabled list just doesn’t happen. They will spin the injury the same way they always have, that this is not an arm injury so there is no need to be overly concerned. But guess what, while the injury is not arm related the back also plays a role in a pitchers delivery.

Many people, myself included, feel that when healthy Harden is the best pitcher in the rotation. His injury is just another slap in the face of Cub fans, and will prolong the M*A*S*H parade the Cubs have been on all season. What this move means, is that neither Randy Wells or Sean Marshall will need to be moved into the bullpen at the current moment. Wells will take Harden’s start on Saturday, and will give Cubs Manager Lou Piniella another look at his young starter to help him decide which pitcher will remain in the rotation when everyone comes back healthy.

We managed to survive for three weeks without Zambrano due to the other pitchers picking up the slack, and pitching gems. They will have to continue doing so now that Harden will be out for two weeks. This injury to Harden really is a shame, because Harden has been pitching well and has looked healthier then any other time in his career. The dog days of Summer are upon us, and June is right around the corner. This is just another obstacle the Cubs will have to over come on their own, as there will not be a trade made to save them.

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