WTF was that? This road trip has been an embarrassment

I really am at a loss for words right now on the Chicago Cubs, and for the first time I don’t know what to say. I can go on about how the season is still young and that the team still has plenty of time to turn things around. I can go on about how the offense is in a horrible slump.

 But what can I say that I haven’t already said about how this team has an offense which has a tendency to disappear more often then one would like? There is nothing for me to say at the moment. Yes, the offense broke out for huge games on this road trip, two to be exact. But in the other four games the offense did next to nothing. As a matter of fact, our offense has been offensive to watch these past several games.

The bullpen is a complete mess, no one is seemingly capable to getting anyone out. Carlos Marmol, the man who is supposed to be the lock down best reliever in the game, couldn’t throw a strike. For as much as I have ripped on Neal Cotts, I have got to call out Marmol. Sure, he is making his first appearance after a knee injury scare. Walking four batters in the inning and allowing for runs to score, and also walked in two batters. As bad as Cotts has looked, he never did that. Kevin Gregg, the Cubs closer came in just to get some work in, walked three guys and allowed a run.

Something needs to be done, and players need to go. If certain players can not start hitting, then they need to be taken out of the lineup, and replaced by people who can. Geovany Soto is off to a very slow start, Koyie Hill is red hot. I never thought Id say this (in fact I argued against this just yesterday) but maybe Hill needs to start over Soto. Derrek Lee has shown signs of waking up out of his slump, but Micah Hoffpauir has been playing too well to keep him sitting on the bench (another thing I have argued against).

On top of all of that, the Cubs have no third baseman. Mike Fontenot is not a third baseman, no matter how much Cubs Manager Lou Piniella wants him to be. Aramis Ramirez is likely headed to the disabled list some time soon because he apparently is not getting any better. Call up Jake Fox? Sure, why not. Have another player who cant play third on the roster. We can throw him in right field in the place of Milton Bradley who is still batting around .100, but we still don’t have anyone who can play third base in the absence of Ramirez.

They got two hits today off of a mediocre pitcher, Doug Davis, and made him look like the second coming of Cy Young. You can say that Ramirez is our best offensive threat and I will not argue that for a second. But losing one bat should not make the entire offense fall into a deep slumber. Something has got to be done to get this team fired up. No, this is not me panicking, this is me ********** due to poor play.


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